the very first cafe of “l’orange” network opened its doors on march 5, 2005 inaugurating its first cafe in downtown yerevan at 21 tumanyan st. the name l’orange came from the wish to associate it with something fun and happy. the color very soon became popular in yerevan as in fashion so in other businesses. in the outdoor seating area of the cafe you can enjoy the unique “l’orange” atmosphere and at the same time be a part of real downtown yerevan life. here you can enjoy various entrees, salads, cocktails, exclusive teas, luxury cigars and many other unique dishes specially prepared by top-notch bartenders and chefs.
customers can also enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the boutique cafe by watching a variety of fashion and music channels on the many tvs around the cafe, read articles from the latest newspapers, magazines and catalogs, and see and purchase various elegant products from world-known companies exhibited in the halls. at “l’orange” you can always find courteous waiters who are always ready to serve. due to our high quality customer service, the cafe has become one of the favorite places yerevanians like to visit, where one can go several times a day and not get bored.
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